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Terminal Guidance Operations Tool

Veteran forward air controller designed, developed and field tested this quick reference instrument. For the first time a non-high tech tool has been developed that eliminates the mental calculation of mathematics. The Terminal Guidance Operations (TGO)Tool offers a fast method of computing the laser safety fan for Terminal Guidance Operations. During critical moments and when seconds count, this tool provides the controller or observer with a reliable and proven method to rapidly create and adjust attack restrictions. It avoids the safety zone for every target and every adjustment.

It has been specifically developed to be used by forward air controllers and forward observers during laser operations. Whether designating for terminal guidance, or marking for target verification, use this tool to ensure bombs land on the correct end of the laser with reliable accuracy. Use it in combat, on the range, or in a simulator – the Terminal Guidance Operations Tool was made for every possible environment.


Key features include:
• Lightweight, ultra durable material
• Tear proof, waterproof protective case
• Transparent for use on maps and imagery
• UV proof
• Two-layer dial – instructions on first layer and degrees behind on second layer
• Fits in uniform pocket
• Instructions for use on Tyvek protective case
• Engineered for use in any light
• Useful for map rehearsals and mission planning
• 4.75″ diameter
• 5″ x 5″ non-tear Tyvek sleeve
• Determine headings quickly

$17.95 plus $3.95 shipping and handling to USA residents
Weight: .5 ounce
Made in the USA
Item #: TGO 002

Shipping and handling will be added once you have checked out and entered your address and before payment

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Price: $17.95
Out of Stock
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