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Hawaii_2023-24_Cover Front
Hawaii_2023-24_Cover Front


Most Detailed and Comprehensive Pocket Size Book on Hawaii Law

Description and Features

Peace Officer’s Guide to the Hawaii Criminal Code, 2023-2024 edition,
eighteenth bi-annual printing, Steven T. Kernes and Donna L. Knifsend, Esq.

Since 1988 Justice Systems Press and Hawaii police officers have collaborated in the development and updating of the Peace Officer’s Guide to the Hawaii Criminal Code. Criminal laws are displayed with cross referencing for quick access and through a detailed index and associated crime listing. Hawaii_2023-24_CoverFront_Web2No more flipping to the index to find a similar, associated, or related crime. Refer to the “associated crimes” found below the elements of the statutes for related offenses.

Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS) condensed into this comprehensive booklet include: 34 Chapters: 115, Public Access to Recreational Areas; 132, Fire Protection; 132D, Fireworks; 134, Firearms and Ammunition; 136, Laser Point Devices; 183, Forest Reserves, Water Development, Zoning; 183D, Wildlife; 184, State Parks and Recreation Areas; 188, Fishing; 200, Ocean Recreation; 245, Cigarette Tax and Tobacco Tax Law; 281, Intoxicating Liquor; 291, Traffic; 291E, Use of Intoxicant while Operating a Vehicle; 327L, Our Care, Our Choice; 329, Uniform Controlled Substances Act; 346, Social Services; 356D, Public Housing Authority; 445, County License; 452, Massage Therapy; 586, Domestic Abuse Protective Orders; 705, Inchoate Crimes; 706, Sports Official Assault; 707, Offenses Against Persons; 708, Offenses Against Property; 708A, Money Laundering; 709, Offenses Against the Family; 710, Public Administration; 711, Public Order; 712, Health and Morals; 842, Organized Crime; 844D, Forensic Identification; 846E, Sex Offender Registration; and 852, Obstruction of Ingress or Egress.

testimonialAn expanded and detailed glossary is provided to clarify the meaning of words and phrases that carry specific and legal meaning. It offers a single source for unusual terms and words found throughout the book. An italicized word or phrase indicates it is defined elsewhere in the glossary. Each entry is annotated with the HRS in which the term or phrase and definition originates or is used.

An index alphabetically lists information contained within the book. Multiple entries are listed when phrases or words have a variety of meanings. This provides for quick access to the laws and information contained within the book.

Key book features include:

• NCIC codes are listed to assist with coding arrest records
• Book size: 3 5/8″ wide x 5 3/8″ high x 3/8″ thick
• 41 new and updated laws
• 378 detailed statutes
• Cross-referencing of related crimes for quick access to similar statutes without consulting the index
• Expanded glossary of terms specifically related to offenses and laws
• Detailed index provides quick access to the offenses
• Made in the USA
• Pocket size

Weight 5 oz
342 pages
$20.95 plus $6.95 shipping and handling
ISBN: 978-0-937935-88-0

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