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 Available December 20th 2019!

Park Ranger’s Guide to the Federal Criminal Code 2020-2021 edition

Description and Features
Park Ranger’s Guide to the Federal Criminal Code, 2020-2021, seventeenth printing, Steven T. Kernes

In 1987, this book was initially developed by a former National Park Service (NPS) special agent.JusticeSys_ParkR20-21_Cover_web_oblique-01 Now it is in its seventeenth edition. This booklet is used by NPS Rangers and special agents, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, NPS Academy, and college NPS Academies. This reference has been developed specifically for use in the field while providing quick access to specific NPS codes and statutes. Considered by NPS law enforcement to be the top legal reference, this book is a professional resource. Provides the tools to identify the correct code or law and apply the elements of laws. Invaluable as a textbook, this publication is a comprehensive compilation of laws unique to the National Park Service.

Combined within this pocketbook are USC titles:

16,Conservation;18,Crimes;21,Drug Abuse and Control;25,Native American Graves Protection;41,Kickbacks;49,Aviation;and 54,National Park Service;and the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 36, National Park Service; and 43, Preservation of American antiquities. Laws and regulations are cross referenced through an extensive index and through associated crimes which are listed after the statutes. No more flipping to the index to find a similar, associated, or related crime. Refer to the “associated crimes” found below the elements of the statutes for related offenses. A detailed glossary is provided to define terms and phrases.

Key features include:

• Pocket size, yet comprehensive
• Rounded page corners for ease of use
• 20 new and updated laws to include ebikes, UAVs and the NPS Director’s Guidance regarding UAVs
• NCIC codes are listed to assist with coding arrest records
• Size: 3 5/8″ wide x 5 3/8″ high x 3/8″ thick
• Cross referencing of related crimes for quick access to similar statutes and offenses without consulting the index
• Expanded content: Title 36 and 43 of the CFR and Titles 16,18,21,25,41,49 & 54 of the USC
• Comprehensive glossary of terms specifically related to offenses and laws
• Detailed index provides quick access to the offenses
• Made in the USA
• Weight: 3.9 oz.

330 pp., $17.95 plus $6.95 shipping and processing
ISBN: 978-0-937935-78-1

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