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COMMout Signal Mirror Suite

The COMMout Signal Mirror Suite is a three-colored mirror package that provides longdistance, silent and effective communications. Mirrors have been specifically designed and carefully engineered to flash in color. Internationally recognized traffic light colors – red, amber and green – are used. The credit card size mirrors bridge the gap between radio transmissions and hand and arm signals. The red, amber and green mirrors create flashes that are visible for miles. Messages can be flashed using one mirror or a combination of colored mirrors.

The mirror suite will withstand harsh weather conditions, combat and various temperatures. The mirrors have been engineered to be lightweight and created to provide a maximum flash. The mirrors in the suite resemble a standard wallet size credit card and have a range of several miles.

The COMMout Signal Mirror Suite uses the latest technology and materials to provide reliable and long distance communications. Users can silently communicate when cell phones or radio communications are impractical. All of the colored mirrors are useful for signaling aircraft, search and rescue missions, combat operations, wilderness ventures, law enforcement and maritime activities. Special Operations combat veterans have carefully designed and tested the mirrors to meet the rigors of war.

• Green, amber and red mirrors
• Mirrors flash in color
• Credit card size, 3 3/8″ x 2 1/8″
• Aiming port and ball chain
• Ultra clear, highly durable, thermoplastic material
• Thin, 2.95 mm
• Lanyard ball chain

$15.95 plus $3.95 shipping and handling to USA residents
Weight: .6 ounce per mirror
Made in the USA
Item #: Suite 3

  Signal Mirror Use Instructions (45.7 KiB)


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Domestic customers – To save money on orders of three or more COMMout Signal Mirror Suites, use the shipping and handling chart found on the Order Form. Place your order online, by telephone or the US Mail.

International customers – Use the shipping and handling rates found on the Order Form. Place your order by telephone or US Mail.

Shipping and handling will be added once you have checked out and entered your address and before payment

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Price: $15.95
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