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Legal Notices

All information contained in books published by Justice Systems Press and information provided electronically are held to the highest standards of the publishing industry. Laws and information are researched and verified by professional staff with a background in law and training.

Written Publications

Justices Systems Press books are prepared as a resource for law enforcement officers, not intended as directives. Every factual situation is different and individual officers must exercise their own discretion and judgment in deciding upon the proper response.

Crime elements have been condensed and formatted to facilitate quick access to information. You should review your respective State or Federal laws to ensure that you are completely familiar with the laws in your jurisdiction. A thorough review and comprehensive understanding of your authority must occur to properly enforce the criminal laws.

Free Electronic Publications

Justice Systems Press has created free resources for law enforcement officers and criminal justice students. The documents are provided in an electronic format and are copyrighted by Justice Systems Press. They may be downloaded and copied for personal use. Commercial use or resale of the police forms or “Peace Officer’s Guide to Law Enforcement Terms and Phrases” is prohibited unless authorized by Justice Systems Press. Police departments and college students are authorized to use these forms free of charge.

In no event shall Justice Systems Press be liable to anyone for special, collateral, incidental or consequential damages in connection with or arising out of the use of these documents.